‘Majestic Embrace’ Mandala Art Print

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‘Majestic Embrace’ is a reminder to take time to practice mindfulness every day, bringing joy and happiness into life. The intricate design symbolises the complex nature of our soul’s experience in human form. The strength of the solid black ink offers balance and grounding for the higher chakras represented in the colour scheme.

Mindful speech is paramount to maintaining a healthy throat chakra. Be mindful of what you say to others and yourself. Expressing yourself with complete honesty is only possible when you’re mindful of who you are and how you feel.

To tap into your third eye chakra, be mindful of experiencing the world without bias. By improving awareness and connection to your intuition, your third eye chakra will naturally open. This means not forming prejudices and being blinded by past experiences. Your intuition will develop when you succeed in doing so.

To open your crown chakra, be mindful of letting go of everything. Be exactly who you are and exactly how you want to be, energetically evolving at every moment. The crown chakra becomes blocked when we become too attached to material things and find it difficult to let go.

You can nourish every cell of your body with this life energy to improve your health, peace and youthfulness. Practice meditation, yoga and most of all mindful detachment for the health of this chakra.

This print has been professionally reproduced from an original hand painted artwork on canvas. It is the result of approximately 70 hours of meditation. I hope it brings immense joy and happiness into  your space. Thank you for supporting my art journey.


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